Basics and Economics of Solar Hot Water

Basics and Economics of Solar Hot Water

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Basics and Economics of Solar Hot Water

The Sun emits huge amounts of energy, out of which only 1% reaches our earth. This 1% of sun’s radiation is enough to power the earth and its habitat for centuries. When on a sunny day, we climb back to our car parked in the sun, the seat is uncomfortably warm, even the steering wheel is too hot to hold. All this happens because of the entrapment of the heat inside the car, due to the glass windows and visor. Glass does allow heat to go in, but not to go out, this effect called the greenhouse effect. This is the same principle that most solar water heaters use for their working.


In many homes where solar water heaters are used, they are able to save more than 30% of their overall electricity bills on water heating, which otherwise would have been wasted. A solar water heater is a proficient and an eco-friendly way to reduce costs on water heating. Due to the green movement and sustainable development, federal governments provide tax credits, loans, and benefits for those who install solar heaters.


Countries from all over the world are showing lots of eagerness and enthusiasm to develop alternative forms of energy by setting up research centers, infrastructure and supplying investment. Solar water heating system heats water by using solar energy, which is free of cost, and while heating water no damage is caused in the environment. So it is one of the safe and efficient ways to deliver hot water.


When we use such systems, there is no dependency on non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels, which pollute the environment while giving hot water.


A solar water system has mainly four parts. Water storage tank to store the water which is needed to be heated, solar thermal collectors, which traps the heat of the sun and helps to heat the water, interconnecting pipes, which is used to mobilize hot and cold water and fluid systems that transfer the heat energy from the collector to the tank.


This industry has undergone several changes and innovations in the last few years. The water heaters available nowadays are much more advanced and efficient. They can be installed in a few hours if wall reinforcements are not required; they are also aesthetically pleasing and have auto temperature controls. All these characteristics and benefits make it a great buy.

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