The Benefits of Solar Panel Energy & Solar Water Heating Systems

The Benefits of Solar Panel Energy & Solar Water Heating Systems

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The Benefits of Solar Panel Energy & Solar Water Heating Systems

We wake up with the sun, but never think how its energy can be utilized in a different manner. The sun is the ultimate source of energy for us, and its rays can be harnessed for all our energy needs. According to a study in 2010, there seems to be a change in trends. Nowadays, homeowners prefer homes that are equipped with solar setups and are willingly paying more for it. The advantages of a solar water heater are immense, and its benefits always give satisfaction and peace of mind.


Energy Efficiency


A solar water heater gives you an efficient, clean and sustainable form of water heating solution to your home. It utilizes the heat energy of the sun’s radiation, effectively heat water and supplies it directly to water taps. The sun is an unlimited source of immense power, which is free for everyone to use. With all these combined, a solar unit can provide you with perfect hot water without using a single unit of electricity.


Renewable Heat Incentive


The electricity that is generated by solar panels or saved by using water heaters can be sold back to the utility and power companies and homeowners can earn money, business power credits and other benefits. For a typical setup generating 2kW of power, one can yield a return of something around $2000 over a span of 20 years, accompanied by environment benefits.


Solar Water Heating


Solar water heaters are available in different sizes and types, the amount of water it can provide depends upon the tank size. A typical family of four will require a minimum tank size of 350 liters to meet their everyday hot water needs. The space required for installation is not a big factor, as solar panels are fitted onto the roofs and the tank it situated on the top. In terms of aesthetics and appearances, solar heaters are noticeable in an unwelcome way.

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