Solar roof tiles

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Solar roof tiles

As we all know that, to utilize solar energy we need solar panels, which help to store the energy from the sun and transfer it as per our needs. Both the panels that are used are big enough, which occupy a lot of space, and they are inconvenienced, as well. To overcome this disadvantage, a new concept of utilizing solar energy is introduced. It is called solar roof tiles. They are tiles, which can be put over the rooftop, to store energy, but one disadvantage of solar roof tiles is that more amounts of tiles are required to store some amount of energy, and it is costly, as well.

Solar roof tiles facts and considerations

The facts of solar roof tiles are listed below in brief.


Energy efficiency and costs

We should plan well about the amount of energy that the solar roof tiles can produce, and it should be limited. One solar roof tile is capable to generate power in the range of 50 to 200 watts. So in order to provide energy to a house it will take more space and to install solar roof tiles, a well-trained and professional electrician is required, so that he can connect wires from solar roof tile to different electrical appliances present at home. Enough roof space should also be considered before installing solar tiles to produce power as per our needs.

How solar power roofing tiles work

There are many different varieties of solar roof tiles present in the market. There are solar S tiles as well as solar flat tiles. Flat tiles are used at places where the roof is made of concrete or clay flat roofing. On the other hand, S tile is used with profiles roof tiling.

New product development

Many innovative products including solar shingle are going to be launched very soon. It is believed that solar shingle will be less expensive as compared to other photovoltaic options.

Positive design effects

There are many innovative designs in solar roof tiles. We can avail them in different colors, and we can choose them as per the requirements and design of the house. It easily blends with the texture of the home and gives a nice touch to the home. The beauty of the solar roof tiles lies in its wiring. The wiring is attached on the lower side of the solar roof tiles which hides the electrical wires from vision. The tiles are connected to each other with the help of standard connectors.

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