Manufacturing Process


Our manufacturing process is based on years of research and machine development. Our production line is designed for fully automatic operation.

  • Each roll of copper goes through precleaning and rinsing stages before nickel is applied.
  • Subsequent to the nickel application the copper is rinsed again before the black chrome solar selective coating is applied and thereafter the surface is subjected to a series of chemical rinses after which it undergoes an extensive drying period.
  • The quality department then performs a series of tests to ensure that our customers receive an excellent product.
  • During production optical readings are taken every 30m to check Absorptivity (α) and Emissivity (ε) levels.These readings must fall within our rigid specifications of 0.96 ± 0.02 (α ) and 0.12 ± 0.02 (ε) .
  • The continuous manufacturing process is the key to the consistently high optical readings achieved.
  • The coating thickness is controlled by line speed, tank temperature and current density.
  • This process ensures production of a much higher quality solar selective surface than traditional batch electroplating.

The Nickel Undercoat ensures

  • Better Moisture resistance,
  • Better adhesion of coatings on the base metal,
  • Better control of emissivity and
  • A long life for the coatings.