Demand for solar heaters in Bangalore rise by 50%

Demand for solar heaters in Bangalore rise by 50%

Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Posts

Demand for solar heaters in Bangalore rise by 50%

All over India, Bangalore is the only city where maximum solar heaters are used and where solar energy is properly utilized. The use of electrical consumption has gone down, and the demand of solar water heaters is rising up to fifty percent in Bangalore.

Each of the solar heaters present in Bangalore contributes to save two kilowatts of energy per hour, and there are more that 87,513 heaters present in Bangalore.

By the deputy general manager of Bescom, it was made compulsory to have solar heaters in the buildings which have an area of around sixty feet to forty feet and above.

There are even plans going on by the executives of Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) to install solar water heaters on government buildings to save more electricity, as well.

Any person who will install solar heaters in their house can save up to Rs 1000 per month on electricity and by installing solar heaters a person can attain better quality of hot water as same as electric heating water. The exciting part is that there are no maintenance expenses for the heaters and hence it is very economical and affordable. It is advised to design and plan the architecture of the house in order to use such recourses before building a house.

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